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Affinity Cellular Free Government Phone Plans

If you're looking for a wireless provider that offers both a free government phone and a discounted tablet, check out Affinity Cellular.Affinity Cellular As a participant of the Federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), they can provide such an attractive offer.

Affinity Cellular Free Government Phone Plans

In addition to a free phone, they offer qualified customers a Samsung Galaxy 8 tablet for the price of a $10.01 copay. Along with these devices, they provide free unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 10GB of high-speed data on their 5G network. Also, they will ship the devices to you free of charge. If you are not satisfied, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The caveat to this offer is you must qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program. The program provides eligible households with a $30 per month discount on monthly internet service and a one-time discount of up to $100 to buy a tablet, computer, or device. One stipulation of the $100 discount is you must contribute to the cost of the device by paying a co-pay of more than $10 and less than $50. With Affinity Cellular, your copay amount is $10.01.

Qualifying for the Affordable Connectivity Program

To receive the free phone and discounted tablet, you must meet the ACP eligibility criteria. Satisfying one of the following makes you eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program:

  1. Have an income that is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  2. Or
  3. Participate in any one of these government benefit programs:
    • Lifeline
    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
    • Medicaid
    • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
    • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    • Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch or Breakfast Programs, including through the USDA
    • Community Eligibility Provision
    • Federal Pell Grant (current award year)
    • Special Supplement Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

After confirming eligibility, insert your email address and zip code, then click “Apply Now” to complete the Affinity Cellular application.

More about Affinity Cellular

At the bottom of Affinity Cellular’s website, there are links to click for additional information. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, in January of 2024, I tried to click the links (I tried each of them), but I got a warning that the connection was not private and that it was a possibility that they could be trying to grab some of my information. Interestingly enough, the “My Account” and “Eligibility Pages” work just fine. I had to go to their Facebook page and click on the “Plans” link in one of their posts to find out about their plans.

I investigated a little further and found that according to the Better Business Bureau, they have an A+ rating but only a 1.2 out of 5 rating in customer reviews.

Do your homework before signing up with Affinity Cellular. It might be a reputable company with a few issues with its website. However, with all of the less than scrupulous things happening on the web today, take your time and do your due diligence. If you're unsure about getting a free government phone through Affinity Cellular, there are many other wireless providers offering free phones and/or tablets.

Things to Know

  • You must be 18 or older to apply

  • There is an annual recertification process to ensure you remain eligible to receive benefits. When asked to recertify, you must do so within 60 days or lose your benefits.

  • You must use your service at least once every 30 days or run the risk of being terminated. In other words, make a call, send a text or go online at least once a month.

  • If you suffer from hearing loss (professionally certified), you may qualify for ClearCaptions, a free captioning service.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This site was created to help people find information about free government phones. The ower of this site does not mail, activate or repair free government phones nor provide phone service. If you have questions about phone service it is suggested that you contact the phone service provider directly.

Last Modified: 5 January 2024

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