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K20 Wireless - Free Wireless Service

Update 10/12/23: It appears K20 Wireless is no longer in business. Their website is no longer valid.

K20 Wireless is a family-owned wireless phone service provider. They're located in New York, but their service is nationwide, which includes all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. According to their website, K20's wireless plans operate on the T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon networks.

K20 T-Mobile ACP Program

Since they participate in the Federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), they offer free plans to eligible low-income families. Although K20 uses the three major phone networks, their ACP plans are on the T-Mobile network, as indicated under their FAQs page. Keep that in mind if considering K20 Wireless as your provider. Check to make sure that T-Mobile's service is best in your area.

What K20 Wireless ACP Plan Offers

Although they do not offer free government phones or tablets, the K20 ACP plan does include free text, free talk, and a free sim card to eligible low-income individuals. They also offer a one-time discount of $100 towards purchasing a device. However, their website does not indicate that they have devices for sale. I'm not sure how the discount would be applied. That's something else to consider.

Those eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Plan will receive a $30 monthly discount on phone service. Eligible families living on tribal lands will receive a monthly discount of up to $75 per month.

Qualifying for ACP Benefits

To receive the benefits of free wireless, talk, text and data, you must meet the eligibility criteria. You qualify if you or someone in your household receives benefits from one of the following government assistance programs:

  • SNAP
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Supplemental Security Disability Income (SSDI)
  • The National School Lunch Program or the School Breakfast Program, including through the USDA Community Eligibility Provision
  • Veteran's Pension or Survivor Benefits
  • WIC
  • Received a Federal Pell Grant during the current award year

Or, if your household income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Signing Up for ACP Benefits

It is recommended that you first go to the site to receive benefit approval. To do so, complete the application and upload the necessary documents to prove eligibility. You'll also need to upload proof of identity such as a current, valid government-issued ID such as a driver's license, passport, military ID, or other government ID.

Once approved through the ACP, go to the K20 Wireless website and complete the necessary information. They'll require your name, email address, home address, Dob, SS# Consent form, e-sign, then submit. Ensure the information you submit to K20 is the same information you used when completing the ACP application. If the information is not identical, your application may be rejected or require additional information, thus slowing the approval process.

After Submitting the Application

K20-Facebook Page

The K20 Wireless site doesn't offer much information on their approval process, such as how long it will take or how they will notify you if approved. They do have a Facebook page but, as of this writing, it only has two entries (October 21 and October 2022). The October post has four hidden comments. Of the four comments, three were Likes, and one was an Angry comment.

Although the site doesn't have anything that seems out of the ordinary, the lack of information is of concern. The site says all of the right things, but after having written several articles and reviewing several wireless companies, one begins to get a feel for things. While this site is attractive, it offers little beyond the basic information.

Due Diligence

Before signing up with K20 Wireless, I suggest you contact them to have them answer any questions or concerns you might have. Once you're satisfied with their response, then you should proceed.

If you feel uncomfortable with their responses, there are other companies offering benefits through the ACP program. We have a listing of such wireless companies here on this site.

Things to Know about ACP

  • The ACP benefit is limited to one per household. If you and your partner live together and both meet the eligibility criteria, only one of you may receive benefits.

  • To continue receiving benefits, you must recertify annually to prove you still meet the eligibility criteria.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This site was created to help people find information about free government phones. The ower of this site does not mail, activate or repair free government phones nor provide phone service. If you have questions about phone service it is suggested that you contact the phone service provider directly.

Last Modified: 12 October 2023

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