Free Government Phones

Alphabetical List of Providers

Please note, these free government phone providers are not country wide. Many are limited to local areas.

Lifeline Providers Offering Free Phones and Service
Access WirelessAmerican AssistanceAssist Wireless
Assurance WirelessBlue WirelessCellular One
Choice WirelessCintex WirelessEasy Wireless
enTouch WirelessFeelSafe WirelessGCI
Life WirelessNew Phone WirelessNorth American Local
Q Link WirelessSafeLink WirelessSafety Net Wireless
Sandwich Isles CommunicationsStand Up Wireless
Tag MobileTempoTerraCom Wireless
TruConnectTrue WirelessT-Wire

Lifeline Providers Offering Discounts
(these plans are not free)
Access Montana WirelessAlaska CommunicationsASTAC
AT & T Bristol Bay
Telephone Cooperative
C Spire
CenturyLinkCopper Valley
Cordova Telecom
Dart PhoneFarmers MutualInfiniti Mobile
Inland CellularMobile NationNebraska Telephone Assistance Program (NTAP)
Open MobileOregon Telephone Assistance ProgramPine Belt
Pine CellularPTCISouth Slope Cooperative
Southern LincT-MobileTCT
TelAlaskaThumb CellularU.S. Cellular
Union WirelessVerizon WirelessViaero Wireless

Last Modified: 7 June 2021

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